As the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end", and sadly this is now the case with B'z Greenhouse. After 3 fun filled and wonderful years of business, a partnership dispute has resulted in the permanent closure of our retail nursery and greenhouse in Campbell River. We officially closed the doors in November, 2016.

It really is an unfortunate event, as the B'z-ness was just starting to really take off. But obviously if the partners involved aren't able to agree with each other on some very basic ideas of what exactly a partnership is and should be, there's some BIG problems that just can't be fixed in any other way. I think I can safely say that now it's all over and done with, the three of us are collectively breathing a sigh of relief that we no longer have to deal with one another!

That being said, I also know that I can speak for all three of us in saying what a wonderful time we all had with B'z. Of course we are all plant fanatics, and loved having the opportunity to work with them, but it was the customers we met along the way that really made it such a fun and enjoyable experience for us. One thing we were very surprised at finding out was that PLANT PEOPLE ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! Like, ALL plant people, it would seem! Our 'regulars' became our friends, and each year we grew an ever larger list of these amazing plant-people friends : )

Thank you all so much for making B'z the fun business that it was. We truly enjoyed serving you, getting to know you, and meeting each and every one of you!

And so, as we close this memorable chapter of our lives, we look back with fondness, but are also looking forward with much excitement to the next adventures that life will bring our way! We thank you ALL and wish you much success in your future green-thumbed inspired projects!

For now, B'z Greenhouse will retain its virtual presence at BzGreenhouse.com and via its social media platforms to continue and promote our Wollemi Pine seeds sales, and whatever else the three of us may decide to do with it in the future. If you've stumbled across us in a search and are wondering why we're still online, that's the reason why. One thing the three of us can certainly agree on is the continued promotion of this critically endangered plant species.

So once again, a HUGE thanks to all of you that made B'z such an impact in Campbell River's garden centre industry. We will never forget the sensational gardeners we met, and hope to 'see you around' in our fabulous coastal town in the future!

Best Regards,
"X" B-Keeper Robb