B ' z    B a c k y a r d    G r e e n h o u s e   -   M A I L I N G    L I S T    U P D A T E   -   S e p t e m b e r    1 2 t h  ,   2 0 1 4


Dear Friends,

We are delighted to report that the Wollemi Pine seeds that we have for sale have been selling quite nicely, and to enthusiasts from all over the world.  This plant has certainly acquired MANY fans since its discovery, and it is OUR SINCERE PLEASURE to be meeting so many of them!

Did you know that it was just 2 days ago, (September 10th, 2014), that marked the 20th year anniversary of the Wollemi Pine being "re"discovered?  It's quite amazing how far this plant has come in just 2 decades, but equally amazing how much further it needs to go in the future...

As predicted, most of our wollemia nobilis seeds have sold in the United States and Canada, but others have been shipped to as far away as Romania.  While most seeds have sold to individuals, we know others have even gone to universities.  To be honest, we think we are just as excited about all this as the purchasers of these seeds are!  If YOU are one of the buyers of these seeds, we would like to again thank you for your purchase, for your interest in this AMAZING plant, and to once again wish you MUCH SUCCESS with your seeds.

Today, while doing some research on the germination of these seeds, we found these following videos on YouTube from a nursery in the United Kingdom.  They were kind enough to actually document HOW they got their Wollemi Pine seeds to germinate and we wanted to share this information with you, (especially if you've recently bought some of these seeds from us).

Of course there is no EXACT SCIENCE to get these seeds to germinate, at least not that's being shared so far.  Often - like you are about to see in these videos - it can actually happen by accident.   It sure would be nice to have a proven formula though, and one readily available to folks who may be trying to germinate seeds in the future.  We hope if YOU have purchased these seeds, you will keep a detailed diary of how you got them to sprout.  If you have no way of publishing your findings on the internet, PLEASE LET US KNOW and we will be happy to pass this information on via our web site for future Wollemi Pine enthusiasts.  If you are successful, or even if you re NOT successful, we would be very interested to know exactly what YOU did!

OK, enough talk already...here are the awesome, informative videos!  If you haven't seen them already, we're SURE you'll find this information useful, entertaining, and interesting : )   ...ENJOY!

As always...all our BEST,
The "B" Keepers~



More information on HOW TO GERMINATE WOLLEMI PINE SEEDS can be found HERE.